This incense tray comes complete with everything you need to carry our incense in your shop!


You will receive:

1 pre labeled tray 

40 blank bags

40 blank stickers

40 'incense lighting' instruction cards

180 incense cones (9 varities- 20 cones each)

1/2 pound of you choice of gemstones to help you offset what you would spend on the tray 


Incense will come presorted in the tray ready for your retail space. From here your customers will have everything they need to fill their provided bag with their incense of choice, label it, and checkout. 


Incense cones retail at $1.20 each, and we typically sell the matchbooks at an added $1. 


Our incense is handmade from nothing but organic, fair trade, ethically sourced, food grade ingredients. We never use essential oils, lighter fluids, or other toxic ingredients.


Incense Options:

Incense Options:

-Jasmine Peppermint 

-Cinnamon Chamomile 


-Ginger Anise

-Juniper Lemongrass



-Pinon Pine 

-Copal (currently sold out)

-Birch (currently sold out)

-Marjoram (currently sold out)

-Rose Sage (currently sold out)

-Lavender Mugwort (currently sold out)

-Orris Root (currently sold out) 

-Palo Santo (currently sold out)


Once your order has been placed, we will reach out with our available gemstone list so you can take your pick. 

Wholesale Incense Tray

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