Pick your 5 favorite incense varities and receive 10 packs of each.


Our incense is handmade from nothing but organic, fair trade, ethically sourced, food grade ingredients. We never use essential oils, lighter fluids, or other toxic ingredients. Each pack will come labeled with 5 incense cones and lighting instructions.


Incense Options:

-Jasmine Peppermint 

-Cinnamon Chamomile 


-Ginger Anise

-Juniper Lemongrass



-Pinon Pine 

-Birch (currently sold out)

-Marjoram (currently sold out)

-Copal (currently sold out)

-Rose Sage (currently sold out)

-Lavender Mugwort (currently sold out)

-Orris Root (currently sold out) 

-Palo Santo (currently sold out)

Wholesale Incense- Pack of 25

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