With an infinite of customization options, the possibilities are truly endless! Seriously though, I tried to do the math... it was impossible, but I stopped at 236,579,616,000 different options. And the best part of it all, you only have to make 3 decisions!! We carry dozens of different gemstones, and have one of the largest flower essence libraries for a personal herbalist (Over 120 essences and counting!) to make this possible. Just choose your salt soak blend, flower essence, oil blend, and I will do the rest!


As a professional intuitive and energy worker, a large part of my career has been connecting my clients to the exact remedy they need, may it be physical or spiritual. And I LOVE it, it's genuinely the part of my job that feels most fufilling. I've offered crystal mystery boxes for a while now, and I've gotten dozens of responses telling me how the stones they recieved either had a personal significance, or were exactly what they needed. Through crystal mystery boxes, custom flower essence blends, and personalized wellness boxes, I've fallen in love with providing a personalized experience in healing. I sincerely hope you find what you're looking for here.


 This box is a $56+ value for only $44!


Each box includes:

1 Energy Clearing Spray 

1 Salt Soak of your choice (see options below)

1 Elemental Oil of your choice (see options below)

1 Flower Essence of your choice (see options below)*

1 Intuitively chosen gemstone based on the other choices in your box. 
1 FREE chime candle and essential oil! 


Salt Soaks:

Respiratory Salt Soak 

Headache Salt Soak 

DeStress Salt Soak 

Flower Salt Soak 

CBD Salt Soak 



Elemental Oils:

Fire: Sandalwood, Cinnamon, and Clove 

Earth: Mugwort, Vetiver, Marjoram  

Water: Lemongrass, Vetiver, Chamomile

Air: Lavender, Geranium, Eucalyptus 



Flower Essence Blends: 

Self Love

Sexual Liberation 

Moving On 

Inspired Artist


Deep Healing 


True To You 

Stress Relief 

Push Through 

Open Road


*We would be happy to make you a custom flower essence blend if you do not feel called to any of our pre-blended options. There is an extra $6 charge for this service. Please choose "Make me a custom blend" when choosing your flower essence, AND leave a few goals for working with your essence in the "What are you goals for this box?" section below. If this section is not filled out, we will not be able to create your custom essence without reaching out to you for more info, ultimately delaying the shipping of your order. 


The pictures above show the value and the variety of products you will recieve in your Personalized Wellness Box. However, they are not the EXACT same products that will be included in your box. Your Personalized Wellness Box will include the products you chose. 

Personalized Wellness Box

Salt Soak
Elemental Oil
Flower Essence Blend
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