We love gardening, and when we found out that less than 10% of America has any kind of garden (this counts herbs in your windowsill too) we were shocked! So in an effort to make gardening fun and accessible, we’ve decided to get a pack of free seeds with each orders! Each pack is chosen at random, and does not tell you what kind of seed it is, only the watering and light conditions. The rest is up to you to figure out! Pay attention to how it grows and what it needs and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful flowering pollinator plant or medicinal herb! If you have trouble identifying the plant after it’s flowered, we can always name it for you!

Why are the seeds 1 cent and not actually free??
Our current website platform unfortunately doesn’t allow us to add products for free. BUT when you add this item to your cart, it will be discounted and you will not be charged!

Free Seeds

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