This Jasper is found in the state of Sonora Mexico, just below Arizona and California. It's known for its variety of colors and striking dendritic patterns. This stone is a one of a kind, and the formation of these jaspers is special as well. It's softer than most other jaspers, and is assumed to be a form of dolomite that was heated, cracked, and resealed by volcanic activity. 


Symbolically, these stones represent growth and change. Jasper is a stone that I consider to be a "nurturer". It has a gentle soothing energy that deeply grounds and connects, but also moves us along on our journey. They are great for inspiring abundance in all areas of your life, whether it be in your finances, your creativity, or your connections with the earth and others. Jasper helps us to center in and sort through and intense emotions we may be experiencing. 

copy of Sonora Dendritic Jasper Necklace

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