Basalt is a deeply grounding mineral formed by maga. It easily absorbs liquids, making it a great tool for aromatherpay. Simply put your essential oils  onto the beads, and then wipe off the excess. 


Hand-knotted on a silk cord, each meditation necklace is one of a kind and made from semi-precious gemstones. 



** All meditation beads come with a lifetime warranty. If anything happens to your beads they can be returned and restrung or replaced. Some beads are rare finds and unfortunately will not be able to be fully replaced to an exact replica, but we will work with you to find a new energy for you to work with by adding similar or different stones. Even if you have every bead and the original tassle, we reccomend everyone consider taking the opportunity to add new stones or items to your meditation tool. We believe this can better assist you in your journey, and that the original item needed to be returned to its creator for a reason. 

*There my be a fee for restringing meditation beads if the desired change in repairs exceeds the price of the original set of beads. 

Basalt Meditation Beads

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