Are you interested in learning more about working with local plants?

Or the healing ability of stones?

What about sustainability and bioregional craft?

Do you want to learn to make and grow your own medicine?

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Grey Fern Herbal!

I chose to join Patreon as a way to combat the current algorithm model of social media. I wanted to create content and resources for other practitioners and healers, as well as those starting on their path. While almost everyone is on Instagram or Facebook, we have to fight algorithms designed to hide small businesses, especially those with the content like ours. 

For as little as $2 a month, you can support us in creating content to help you on your path. This content centers around Bioregional Craft, making your own herbal remedies, sustainable lifestyle practices, and working with stones.

All of this content is available to you! You will also receive early access to shop new seasonal remedies and exclusive discount codes.

For $11 a month, you gain access to all the content in the $2 tier, as well as access to our library of original rituals and rites, and a monthly tarot reading. This tier also gets you free shipping on EVERY order from

For $33 a month, you gain access to everything in the tiers above, and we will send a gemstone aligned with the monthly  tarot reading to you every month! You also gain access to exclusive downloadable content. This tier is great for those interested in expanding their collection of ritual tools and remedies.

I am so grateful to all those who choose to support us on Patreon! You really make what we do possible!

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