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Grey Fern Herbal is now creating custom rituals, candles, oils, and nearly any other magical tool you may need. Creating unique and potent remedies and rituals is something we hold very close. Everything we make, strives to fit into our standard of high energy healing, while breaking the mold on traditional magic. We see and value the importance of high ceremony, but know that it is often inaccessible without a lot of tools, knowledge, and often a group setting. Magic has been held within us throughout our entire existence, and tradition shouldn't keep us from using it. Grey Fern wants to fill the space between "everyday magic" and ceremonial traditions by putting exactly what you need into your hands. 

We want to work with you to co-create a healing space. Our knowledge and intuition can be a guide for what you wish to accomplish through ritual, but without your goals and intention, we are simply intuitive beings with no agenda. Below you will find a list of services we offer, as well as a place to contact us. Don't see exactly what you're looking for on the list? Send us a message, and we will see what we can do. Ultimately prices for each custom will vary, but rough estimates can be found below as well. Please be specific with your intentions. 


Custom Candles 

Custom candles can vary from hand carved candles with traditional magic symbols, one of a kind intuited symbols, or herb dressed candles.

Custom Symbol Candles are hand carved, the carving can then be filled with herbs that relate to your intention, selenite shavings, and oils. 


Small taper candles are $33. This includes carving and filling of any kind.

Large Votive Candles are $44. This includes carving and filling of any kind. 

With each candle I will include a gemstone aligned with your intentions, a list of other recommended stones, a quartz point charged with the intention of your candle, and a candle lighting ritual. 


Herb Dressed Candles can be either 3.5 inch chime candles or 10 inch taper candles. They are dressed in herbs and oils that relate to your intention. 

Chime Candles start at $11. 

10 Inch Taper Candles start at $22

Each candle will come with a list of recommended gemstones to use alongside your candle and a candle lighting ritual. 

Custom Ritual Oils

With every oil made, we dive deep into the properties of everything involved. From carrier oil to the process of mixing. Oils can be infused with herbs, essential oils, and gemstones that can be used in ritual work. 

What does "infused" mean? Infused means that your oil can contain dried herbs, oils, and stones. Or your oil can have all these components soaked in the carrier oil, and then strained. For topically applied oils, we recommend the latter. 

 Custom oil blend prices vary on the oils used and size. 

1oz oils start at $19

2oz starts at $27

Photos coming soon!

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